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My life began in 1991 in Neunkirchen, Lower Austria as the first born of three children. I spent most of my life in Dörfles. I grew up in modest circumstances and looking back I am grateful for my fulfilling childhood. Even as a child, I was not allowed to let the camera out of my hand. Photos from my younger years are therefore rare. Do you still remember the camera module from Sony Ericsson? I was already the boss in the playground with it! As time went by, my interest in pencil drawings grew and I devoted several years to perfecting my drawings. Thus, the choice of education in the creative field was easy for me. I chose to go to painting school in Baden and decided to continue my love of detail in construction technology college. My original plan was to devote several years to studying architecture after my military service, as I wanted to create something for posterity. As many of you probably guessed, I found my shortcut for this vision ...

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Adrian Almasan Sigma
Experience Beginnings
Hands on in electrical retail
December, 2012

After passing my matriculation and diploma exams, I wanted to do something good for myself. While looking for a new toy in the electronics store, the camera department crossed my path. My curiosity was aroused. After I finally understood where the shutter button was, I put it on, focused, pulled the trigger and was captivated by the sound. Not the many shots per second or the razor-sharp images triggered this feeling in me.

It was just the simple "click" combined with the feedback from the camera that got me hooked from then on. A penniless graduate can theoretically hardly afford a high-quality DSLR - theoretically...

First Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera (DSLR)
February, 2013

The acquisition happened immediately after my revelation. Very cheap, but too costly for me I could not afford them. In the agreement of the dealer, we agreed upon we agreed on a down payment, which served me as a guarantee to acquire "Lady" finally. I was allowed to call the Canon Eos 5D Mark 1 my own.

End of compulsory military service, registration for photographer
October, 2013

My time as a paramedic in the army was coming to an end. My longstanding plan to study architecture and work as a draftsman in an architectural office on the side office seemed less and less attractive to me. I already knew the profession of a photographer and therefore I knew that one can live sufficiently well from it. To use the passion that has developed from my hobby and to gain a self-determined and independent professional foothold sounded much too tempting for me. I registered my trade. I have been living by the motto ever since:
"If you like doing something, you don't work"

Experience Today

Since then, 8 years have passed.

In event photography I learned to read the light. Thus, I have created the basic basis for my first wedding assignment in 2014. At the right moment in harmony between light and position to press the shutter. A restrained approach is necessary to create authentic shots.

I also landed my first commercial clients in 2014. From that moment on, I learned how to work with companies and how to approach them.

Bringing the client's customer closer to the company through visualization has become an essential part of my passion. So I take enough time for the history, the values and the visions of the company.

One part of commercial photography is architectural photography - and yes, that was my "construction site" years before. Using Archicad, Autocad, & Co I not only learned to create submission plans, but also to work out 3D visualizations. Thus I paved my understanding for different perspectives.

Another area of commercial photography is food & drinks. My focus will be more on this sector in the future. I would like to specialize even more. Two of my favorite activities, photographing and eating!

A concession on my part is possible, provided that I can snack ;-)

Kein Zeit

As 2016 drew to a close, I was struggling with myself.

I lived out my passion for photography very conscientiously. Capturing real emotions was much more important to me than exposing posers, which is sometimes very difficult to do in event photography. There was a lack of sufficient space and time.To create new creative space for me and spare the voice helped only one word: KEINZEIT

After intensive evening sessions, my voice partly failed in the early morning. I simplified my everyday life by using "KEINZEIT" as a new statement and printing it on one of my shirts! Unfortunately, the first version of the word was written too small and the guests were too drunk to decipher it.

As soon as someone could read it, they immediately asked where they could buy it. Friendly as a Wahlwiener is, I then made the following comment: "I had it specially made for me, so that the people at work do not get on my nerves and I can concentrate on the essentials - capturing the emotions while celebrating life - hach".

The turning point finally came when a guest asked me if I could make him four. Thereupon, the call for free space developed into a business case. I founded the watch label KEINZEIT with Michael H., my business partner at the time.

The common thread in conceptual commercial photography has helped me dedicate myself to companies ever since. I now see much more clearly what is important for corporate clients. By the way, through Michael I also got a taste for fashion photography. He was initially mine with his label Falling Leaves Vienna.

In 2020, I remained true to the motto of reduction with a heavy heart and sold my shares and let my "baby" go. Since then, I dedicate myself 100% and not infrequently 100h a week to photography.


Our studio in the hip sixth district has been around for a whole decade now. 3042 orders and 471 customers (as of 1.1.2022) we have accompanied since then. Since March 2022, I am officially a brand ambassador for the lens manufacturer SIGMA Austria.



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*Funfact: Adrian Almasan is a family business, only it's not Adrian's family - Alina & Clemens are siblings as you can easily see.

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